Thursday, 13 July 2017

First Rose Mallow blooms

I was happy to see the rose mallow plant blooming. It's from seeds that my sister Anne brought back from my sister Mary Lynn's garden the year we all went out for her funeral. 

This weekend Mary Lynn would be so proud to see her youngest son Paul marry the wonderful love of his life,  Shanna.

Karen and some of my nieces and nephews have flown out to Calgary to join in the celebration so we'll be seeing pictures flying back soon. 

The sparrows on my porch are at the stage now where they are feeding babies I think. Can't think of any other reason to sit around with a bug in your mouth and not eat it. 

Red hot tv for a cat!

This guy turns 10 years old sometime this month. Stay tuned for a bit of a celebration. 

He's already long forgiven me for the initial photo shoot and is happily helping me edit pictures (the laptop is super warm so he likes to cuddle it)

I'm going through my pictures from Tuesday's visit with the family from Scotland very slowly. There will be lots more fun before they leave in August but I just don't feel like rushing. 

Lizzy and Harry have always enjoyed each other as you can see. (Along with two other pictures I couldn't resist. 

Stay tuned for lots of birdbath fun!

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