Saturday, 8 July 2017


They're here! My niece Heather and her husband Gary and their kids Lizzy and Logan arrived from Scotland yesterday safe and sound. 

Right to Grandma's toy cupboard

First family photo for the season. 

Happy Grandma! (My dear sister Anne)

Gonna be lots of cow fun!

Today Logan was representing his Dad's Aberdeen Don's Scottish League football club. Stand Tall Logan!

Our first sight of them today at Al and Mary's where we spent a really lovely afternoon. Thank you!

Jet lag - the struggle is real. 

Doing the Don's proud - hot dog and bun in hand. 

Right back up!

Happy birthday Heather!


Emily took these next pictures. 

Lizzy kept saying "Go get the fat piglet!" and something about hillbillies. Stay tuned for lots of Lizzy quotes. 

These are not even a third of the pictures I took today but you don't eat a cute piglet like this day all at once!

I'll just leave you with  video of one of Logan's main words. Certainly his most emphatic one. He's relentless and has never met a stranger who isn't supposed to answer in kind!

Clicke here to get a brief sample:

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