Thursday, 14 March 2013


Thanks for all your well wishes! As you can see there's room for my associate in my office.

My writing project is to write a countdown of wedding planning topics. So 52 five hundred word essays. Two down so far. Luckily they gave me the topics! Never dreamed that watching TLC wedding shows would actually be productive mostly in the what not to do sense!

I'm going to have to be really careful not to overdo the typing and I couldn't do it at all if it wasn't for voice activated software same as this blog.

I do take the laptop and iPad off of the stand every night because I noticed Harrison eyeing the flat laptop like a tree perch. It does kind of look like a cat tree.

I turned the heat on today so Harrison was pretty sure it would be warmer outside too.

He was cruelly disappointed.

Harrison has been enjoying his grass as you can see. Not sure why it's getting so peaked any suggestions from gardeners out there?

Probably because it sits on top of my fridge and not in the window. Oh well


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