Monday, 4 March 2013

A good day for cats

It's day zero for Grace. Today she gets her sister's stem cells. God speed stem cells. Make yourself at home!

Gearing up for my preop appointment on Wednesday. Got to gather up all those meds and bring them in the big bag and get ready to be poked and prodded. The surgeon is going to aspirate my knee as well to get a fluid sample and make sure the infection is long gone. No big deal.

Hey did I tell you that I'm growing cat grass for Harrison?

It started out like this:

Yesterday I saw a little bit of life and today you can almost watch it grow!

Harrison doesn't know about it yet, I figure I'll give it a chance to truly come into its own before he has at it!

Speaking of treats for cats today Emily sent me this:

Whiskers gave them a big claws up!

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