Saturday, 16 March 2013

Happy St. Paddy's day

Wrote my third wedding article today. It's kind of fun pretending that I have a clue. I feel like whoever it is that writes what the narrator says at the end of Say Yes To The Dress after everyone has behaved miserably. As in "If the bride's entourage can remember that they are there to prepare for one of the most important days of the her life it will go a long way towards making the lucky bride's dreams come true and propel her majestically along the journey towards happily ever after."

I'm not quite writing that but still. It's fun and the funny thing is that when I gave up my car last year I upgraded to the TLC channel and have mostly been watching wedding shows. Who knew I was preparing for this work?

Did you know you can hire someone to make an oil painting of your wedding while the reception is happening? Yep.

As you can see Harry's loving his grass.

I tried sitting it in some natural sunlight today. Might be too little too late. Oh well maybe there'll be real grass in a few weeks.

My jaw is not throbbing tonight so hopefully the drugs have kicked in.

If you have a minute say a prayer for my friend Grace. She's doing well with her stem cell transplant but has a mouthful of sores. I know how awful that can be, hoping she leaves that stage soon!

Hey it's almost March 17!

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  1. if I were a jerk, I would say that TLC is always a downgrade, regardless of what it's compared with... but I'm not.
    Glad it paid off, and maybe you'll have a couple hot tips for us, wedding-wise! :-)