Saturday, 30 March 2013

Night shift

Well today I was pretty much signed out, papers signed and everything, eminent escape from hospital announced on Facebook when the surgeon changed his mind at the last minute and asked me to stay for another night. To be fair I'd played my best please release me from the hospital moves on the young residents - dress in street clothes and look all ready and able to leave at any juncture. Tell them the other resident was considering it (true enough) etc

So anyway the surgeon changed his mind and I'm stuck here for another night with nurses that are essentially on holiday/party mode and resentful that they are not REALLY on a long weekend. Oops nope I guessed wrong that was LAST night. Just met the night nurse and she's a nervous militant eastern European woman with the sense of humor of exactly zero who is delaying my pain meds that I worked really hard to need and who took great pleasure in needing to unplug my iPod. The exact opposite of my lovely middle eastern European neighbors back home.

It's gonna be a really really long night.

Also she just tell my neighbor in the next bed that he doesn't need to hold himself "there" because its "not very relaxing" for him. He told her he needs to take a dump and she didn't seem to catch his drift. Hoping the smell doesn't drift over here.

Yeah long night.

I did have some great visitors today!

Its only 12 hours tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Were the London Geese as menacing as the Kitchener Turkeys? Oh, and what's with the bear all in pieces?