Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Guess what?!

I have a freelance writing job with The Wedding It's owned by my friend Judy and her husband Randy.

At first I thought I couldn't do it because I cannot sit at my computer long because of knee pain and I can't hold my iPod for long periods of time but they came up with the idea of bringing over an iPad and a laptop on an adjustable stand that they use when they go to tradeshows.

Hopefully I will be able to use mostly voice controlled apps but both devices can be moved every which way so that my arm can be totally resting on the armrest. I'm very excited to give this a try!

As you can see Harrison has signed on as an editor as well.

Cool huh!


  1. yahoo! writing is definitely one of your strong skills.

  2. Sounds great. Do the couples get you to write about them?
    Do you need a service like this Brent and Joannie?

  3. Looks like a really cool website. Everything in one place!