Friday, 8 March 2013


So pre op day. First of all I was grateful that the freezing rain and snow did not materialize and Karen and I had a nice clear drive to London.

We made it there before 9 o'clock and the first thing that happened was the knee aspiration. I asked Karen if the needle was about 6 inches long and she thought maybe 4 nevertheless it wasn't a great deal of fun. It was the surgeon's fellow that did the aspiration. The surgeon popped his head in and asked how I was doing. I said I was doing great except for the needle currently in my knee but that I'm looking forward to the surgery.

Then it was over to the preadmission clinic to wait and wait. Spent most of the time trying to get to the Wi-Fi page sign up on my iPod. Never did get there. Will have to get that fixed up before the surgery because Wi-Fi is my lifeline to home. I got an 800 number from the lady at the information desk on the way out so hopefully that will help.

Finally I was in an exam room and the different professionals came to see me. Instead of an internist this year I saw a heart specialist/something else guy. He was a pretty funny, making fun of my local doctor's names and had Karen and me laughing.

Seeing him was really one of the best parts of the day because he confirmed that there nothing more I should be doing for my heart (besides the obvious lose weight and exercise) and he answered some questions I had about the loop monitor test. It made me feel good that he is going to ask for a copy of all my tests so that he can look at them himself. He confirmed that it's okay for me to exercise as hard as I want to. I am very excited about that.

I kind of lost track of who I all saw, but the anesthesiologist was very nice too even though there's not much chance it will actually be him that I see on surgery day. He told me how to ask for the pain relief that I want on the day of the surgery and looked in my file to tell me what kind it was that finally worked last time. His assistant/nurse was really the only person that had no interest in being there that day. It was actually kind of funny how uninterested she was. But perhaps I'm being unkind. It's entirely possible she has a photographic memory while sitting and staring at the ceiling and can recall everything he said without writing it down.

Somewhere in there Karen grabbed us some hospital cafeteria sushi, which was not bad at all, and after blood tests and x-rays and buying special pre surgery soap, we were finished by about 2:30.

The standing two leg weight bearing x-ray was important. I'm hoping to have two legs the same length this time!

Oh and I almost forgot what was a first for me which was to have them take blood out of my ear. Something about testing blood gases.

As usual the parking garage denied Karen's request for a receipt and away we went.

We have driven past this sign many times on the way to and from London.

Since it was Karen's 20th wedding anniversary and her birthday the next day, it seemed a good day to actually stop!

I know it seems impossible but they were actually not overly sweet.

Driving home was fairly painful because the knee was sore from being aspirated. We had driven all the way to pickup the kids before I realized that I had all my drugs with me and could've taken some!

That's Emily's cat college that she brought to test Harrison.

Lets just say that Harrison shouldn't quit his day job.

Unlike Whiskers he wouldn't eat the homemade cat treats either. Picky boy.

My cat grass wasn't that much of a hit either.

Hopefully it will grow on him, and maybe me.

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