Monday, 18 March 2013

Quite a day

Good news! Grace's doctors tell her that blood tests show that her sister's stem cells have begun working in her system. Yay!

I saw the dentist today and he did an x-ray. Happy to report that it didn't show infection. He said that it's possible that the tooth he filled on march 1 might be dying. He said he's not in a hurry to do anything because he doesn't know whether he would need to pull it or do a root canal. He wants me to stay on the amoxicillin doesn't see any reason to change it up. It's more preventative.

He gave me his home phone number in case things go worse on a weekend. How fortunate am I!

I called the surgeon's secretary and told her everything. She said she will tell him but she's sure my surgery is still on for the 28th since they didn't find infection.

The dentist did change my bite a little bit to take some of the pressure off that side.

My jaw does not hurt very much right now just feels a little bit funny. The best way I can describe it is that it twinges sometimes but not in a painful way. My history with dental work is that I have pain for a lot longer than most people do. I still have a little pain from time to time under a root canal that I had done 20 years ago which is similar to the ache that I feel now. I am hoping and praying that that is all this is - leftover pain from the cavities he filled on March 1st. That is what I am going with mentally and I'm going to try to forget about it and look forward to my surgery!

I also saw the dermatologist today and she says that things have healed up very well. So a pretty good day healthwise.

It was also great to spend the day with Karen and later on the kids.


Pictures of Emily's fish Simon tomorrow but we also went to see mom. She's not feeling all that well but the kids were great with her.

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  1. Good news for you Ruth. Glad your surgery can go ahead! Very touching pics of Grandma.