Friday, 1 March 2013

Thumbs up

Well. I don't have any of these:

But I do have this:

I have trigger thumb. Just means I can't bend the middle joint without it kind of getting stuck painfully. I've been referred to a plastic surgeon for cortisone shots but that will take three months so in the meantime my doctor wants me to wear this.

Everything I've read says that this is not necessarily an overuse injury. But I'm pretty sure in my case it is probably ipod thumb.

Going to do my best to try to limit my use of my iPod. Won't be easy. I'm not going to stop blogging because it really helps me wind down and get ready to sleep at night. However I'm going to use Siri a lot more and not correct her very much. That means capitals in the middle of sentences where I've paused, and probably a lot of other weird things!

Worst comes to worst they can cut the tendon in the thumb surgically with good success. I just think it would be ridiculous to need another surgery.

Love this:

That would be a nightmare!

Reading is a bit of a challenge with my thumb. Holding books or the iPod kind of hurts. I'll have to figure out a system of propping things up or mostly listen to Audio books cause I ain't never going to stop reading!

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