Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pie pie anybody ?

Missed posting last night. Was working on Emily's birthday movie until 4 AM. I have some new video software on my iPod that I'm finding very exciting. But today I am trying to read a paper book and give my fingers and wrists a break.

Continuing to pray for Grace as she moves through the steps of her transplant these days.

Dancing while you get chemo is the newest Internet craze.

Not sure I can picture Grace dancing with nurses but I'm sure she'll have them in stitches with her witty sense of humor.

We continue to get sweet pictures of my new great-niece from out east. She is such a beauty!

I finally understand the meaning of rosebud lips.

And in iPod Apps news I learned how to do this today with Photo Shaper. Very easy.

Just when I thought Harry couldn't get any cuter…

We're laying here listening to the wind roar outside. Nice to be warm and comfy! I've started reading the hunger games books in an effort to put down my iPod. Not sure I'll have good dreams tonight.

Up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to have some last-minute dental work done. After tomorrow it would be too late because it would be too close to my surgery date.

This made me laugh, although it's probably been more days than that. I am too lazy to do the math.

Never did understand pi either. And I'm including the book Life of Pi too. Fascinating but deeply flawed. No desire to see that movie.

This kind of pie I could deal with!

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