Monday, 4 February 2013

Love, Cheng

Well I'm feeling a bit dumb today as I fell for a hack on my old Yahoo email account. It said that I hadn't used it for awhile - very true, and to keep it I needed to sign back in which I did.

Immediately a ton of my friends, probably including you, received an email from "me"in Malaysia ("Where I had been receiving treatment") saying I had been mugged and needed money.

I apologize for any inconvenience but I'm not too worried that anyone took it seriously since the person signed it "love Cheng Chen." Also Malaysia is one of the few places where I actually have NOT received treatment lately.

My passwords are duly changed and hopefully it ends there for everyone.

Harrison must be feeling stir crazy because today he saw the sunshine and insisted on going outside. Too cold for me and my knee so he hung around the grass pot for a while. Brave boy.

Here's a little message for computer hackers everywhere:

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