Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ice Moose

Splendid day. Went on another cleaning jag. Three more garbage bags. Feels great. I think I'm nesting.

Then Karen and the kids and their friend and my honorary nephew Matt came over and we went back to the Moose for the first time since my radiation graduation party.

Still see the trees even when I've got other things to take pictures of.

Winter moose.

Art time.

No pictures of the wings too busy eating!

Then Karen tried to pay with her health card (I'll work on my smudging skills) and away we went to pool!

I'm always cold after swimming no matter what time of year so it was nice to have a warm cat to come home to.

Impossible not to be grateful for a day like this. And tomorrow I get to go help babysit Cooper! Loving life.

Good night.

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