Sunday, 3 February 2013

Let it snow video

Much as I love football, the Super Bowl is my least favorite game of the year. It's very fake and bloated. So I really only watched the end. This video was my Super Bowl.

I used a new app called appropriately for this blog - Vjay. Ha!

For the first time I can mix two videos at once. It's not easy because you mix it back and forth in real time. There's no saving as you go. I'll probably just use it for tricks and stick to the simple iMovie most of the time. But wow what fun. How to lose six hours without trying!

Speaking of losing…

Notice anything missing from yesterday? Yeah, I made cookies this afternoon. When I tell you that I mixed them by hand you might see where I'm going with this.


Don't worry everything is accounted for (I noticed after three) mostly because I put it on so thick that they came off like fake fingernails.

Just call me spa challenged crazy. Okay Siri now you're getting personal, I said just call me spot challenged Reesie. Spa challenged Ruthie!

Thank you. Huffs and takes a moment.

I leave you with this picture, that I wish with all my heart I had taken.

Pretty sure the person sculpted it but wow!

Still waiting to hear about my loop heart test and when the surgery for my knee might be. Not sure if the surgery is waiting on the report from the cardiologist or not. We'll see.

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