Saturday, 16 February 2013

Auggie Doggie

Epic day for puppy pictures. This is my good friend Kathy and her baby boy Auggie.

Tip of the cuteness iceberg people, tip of the iceberg. I haven't even looked at half of the pictures that I took yet.

Emily finished her book! Here it is in its entirety:

The lost cat

Once upon a time, there was a little cat named Frosty. One day, Ruth
was going to school with her little sister, Karen. “ You stay her,
Frosty. I will see you later!" The door shut. Then Frosty saw that the
cat door was open. She looked out the window. Ruth and Karen were
already on the next street. No one was home. It was so tempting. She
really wanted to go outside. So she went to the cat door. Once she was
outside, there was a car parked on the street. Frosty was really tired
so she jumped onto the car. She stretched and lay down on a blanket.
Later, when she woke up, she saw that the car was moving. suddenly,
the car stopped. A very pretty lady and a handsome man walked out of
the car.“Robert, hurry! Our reservation is at 3o'clock!" the lady
said. “ I am coming!" the man said. They walked into the restaurant.
Then Frosty heard a growl. Frosty was really hungry. So she followed
them into the restaurant.It smelt good in the restaurant. She kept
following the couple to their table. Once they sat down, Frosty hid
under the table. The man actsadentally drops some food on the floor.
Frosty is hunger so she eats it. Frosty is sad. She misses home.
Frosty decided that she would ride back home with the man and lady.
Maybe they lived Close by! So when the man and lady walked out of the
restaurant, frosty fallowed them. She jump on to the back of the car
and they drove away. On the way back, Frosty felt something pinching
her tail. It was a mouse! Frosty hissed at it and it ran away. “Did
you hear something?” The lady asked. “Ya, it sounded like a growl,”
The man stopped the car. They turned around and saw Frosty sitting in
the backseat! “Wait a sec,” The man said.“That's the cat that we saw
on the lost cat poster! That's Frosty!” “Why yes, she is! She is
Frosty!” The lady said. “We should call them and tell them we have
their cat!” The man phoned Ruth and Karen's house. Frosty was glad.
She was finally going home! They drove back to Ruth and Karen's house.
“FROSTY!” Ruth and Karen screamed as they ran over to the car. Ruth
picked Frosty up and said “We thought we would never see you again!”
Frosty meawed and purred in Ruth lap. She felt safe to be at home. And
now, Frosty will never, ever again go outside without a leach.



So proud! She finished the story and made 3 more collages today:

The orange cat in the bottom right corner above looks just like the Frosty cat my mom used to have. It's the resident cat where Mom lives.

Not sure who the kitty below is.

A blog post about cuteness would not be complete with out a few Cooper pictures!

Thanks Emily!

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