Sunday, 17 February 2013

Poker extravaganza day

Busy day!

First it was off to the Mongolian Grill with my brother Al.

We didn't get to ride any reindeer but we did have a fun lunch.

Then it was over to Al's house to see Max and have a snowy photo shoot. I'm only going to show you one picture now but it may be one of the favorite pictures that I have ever taken.

I love how it makes your eye go around in circles.

A few clicks and it's almost a yang Yang symbol.

Anyway, then it was time to head over to my brother Henry's house for some poker. There was an afternoon
AND an evening game. Not much photo documentation of the first except for the winner!

In the evening game Karen started out very well. All smiles…

And amassed a big pile of chips.

Jim and Caleb were doing okay too.

Henry and Marcia always have some how shall I say unique things for us to try. It just wouldn't be a poker night without something new.

Tonight there were two. This is the first one:

It didn't really taste that bad but the texture was a bit freaky. Marshmallow like with a pleasant-ish dirt center.

The next treat is called Natto from Japan. It is fermented organic soy beans, one of the few ways that you can get vitamin K which lets your body use calcium other than eating Brie or Gouda.

I'll let Caleb tell you what it smells like.

Any questions?

Back to Karen.

Going downhill but still has two or three 500 chips.


A Chip and a chair.

Nutten but some cards and we made her give those back.

I hung in there until heads-up but then Henry pulled it out in the end. Must be all that vitamin K.

The winning was squarely in the father-son camp today!

Oh okay just one more Max picture but then you have to wait till tomorrow!


  1. Looks like a very good day with the Martins!

  2. for sure! wish we didn't have to miss it, but your blog helps me to imagine it vividly! ...right down to the Karen pout.