Friday, 1 February 2013

Slim Cat trial day

Today we tried out the slim cat.

Yeah. This was pretty much the big reaction. And those were treats not just regular cat food. According to Harrison the proper method for delivering treats is to throw them into the bathroom, which let's face it is good exercise too.

I'm not that sorry it wasn't a hit. Until I totally win the battle of the ants I don't want that thing rolling around my place anyway. If I ever got a handle on the varmint ants I'd try what the Slim Cat people suggest which is to use the ball as the only source of cat food but I live in an old building with apparently an unending source of ant entries.

In the meantime maybe I'll put M & M's in it for me!

This is my nephew cat Whiskers playing with Emily's iPod while she was at school today.

She had changed the password though so he couldn't get in.

This is my great niece and nephew Graycee and Ozzy sharing the sun today. Cooper's mom Dana has a very good eye for taking pictures and a great sunny living room for doing it in!

I love Ozzy the cat but that Graycee dog is something special. She barks like a watch dog and then stands at the top of the steps as I walk up and gives me a big kiss every time (Sorry to make you shudder human friend Grace.)

I think Graycee is adjusting really well to having a little brother. She seems to understand when we make a big fuss over Cooper but if there is more than one of us visiting she makes sure one of us are rubbing her backside for her at all times. It's the least we can do since we are sitting on her couch.

I like dogs just as much as cats but could never risk having a barking one here in this building!

Oh oh, look out, Harrison is sleeping with his nose covered predicting more snow for tomorrow!

Or maybe he's just doing disco in his sleep.

And taking up more than half of the bed.

Good night.

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