Tuesday, 5 February 2013

It's a date!

Big news first. Got my knee surgery date today. Pre op is March 6th and surgery March 28th. The day before Good Friday. My friend Kathy said that maybe since it's Easter there will be intervenous chocolate. Fingers crossed! That might help deal with uninspired staffers who really really don't want to be there on a long weekend. I've had a little experience with that in the summertimes.

I'm excited to get this over with. I know it seems close and the time will pass quickly but still two months seems a while to wait for more certain excruciating pain. While I now know that knee replacement pain does not approach having your southern regions redistributed, sewn back together and then refried, it is significant and the recovery is not something to look forward to.

Well, that's enough of a pity party. I know enough now to ask for the good pain relief and I know what is going to happen. Which is both good and bad I guess. I hope they will let me be alert and awake this time during the surgery like I was during the cancer surgery. Probably easier on my heart and breathing and I like to avoid the throwing up party afterwards. Also less babbling of inaneness that way (I do enough of that here.) If there's a problem they can always conk me out.

In other news I won at cards last night!

The ladies were very happy to pay up as you can see.

In a weak moment I agreed to go out for supper today with the Community Living gang from around here. I refuse to travel on the little bus so we went in Alice's car.

And followed the little bus.

Not really sure that was any cooler but it helped me deal with it.

Let's just say there are some characters that live in the community around here. And leave it at that.

But we had a pretty good time.

Little Bea who eats like an anorexic bird was accidentally served two baked potatoes.

And I will get at least two more meals out of my leftovers.

Elaine let Alice taste her caramel dessert.

I think she liked it.

My brother Henry is in Florida right now. He takes some awesome pictures.

This is how close the bird let him get, he didn't use any zoom:

Henry is an animal whisperer.

Just a little zoom here:

Imagine what he could do if he'd had some food in his hand!

Makes me think about the mine mine birds from finding Nemo

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