Sunday, 10 February 2013

Creative deferral

Okay I just had an idea for a movie with today's pictures just now at 12:12am. And I NOT going to act on it till tomorrow. Really.

Proud of my boy for hanging out outside for a good while. It was such s beautiful sunny day that it was impossible not to walk a little knees or no knees.

Ready for some cute?

Cooper was pretty happy to see his Grandpa back from Florida!

I think he had a few questions about the beard though.

Also you should know that one of my friends got a brand new bulldog puppy today that I'm going to meet next Saturday so get ready for some more extreme cute!

Lastly. I think you're really missing something if you're not following our Canadian astronaut Cmdr Hadfield in space. Not only does he have a sense of humour and wonder, he's also currently writing a song with the Bare Naked Ladies.

Thanks for tuning me in Karen and Susan!

I might've gone outside Saturday night and joined my friends in waving as the space station passed overhead but I really don't know my west from my east. Hangs head and goes to bed.

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