Saturday, 9 February 2013

Orange you glad I didn't have any bananas?

My brother is safely home from Florida after a tricky drive up from Buffalo last night so we'll have to find our flowers somewhere else.

Bunnies too.

Silly but you have to have fun where you can.

Here's a beautiful collage by Emily:

They visited mom on Thursday. She's getting quieter and quieter but as you can see she still responds to the kids. Thank God for her dolls because today when my brother visited she could not speak to him but could still sing to her baby.

On a brighter note please observe that Caleb has grown at least 3 inches in the last month or so!

The Internet funny fodder was a bit sparse today but I thought this picture was remarkable.

However it is my opinion that the person should've put the camera down by that point in the tussle.

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