Friday, 15 February 2013


A great day with great friends.

We had been trying to get together for a long while but because of illness and bad weather had not seen each other since before Christmas. They surprised me with some lovely gifts.

Harrison made out like a bandit!

And this part of the gift made me cry.

Not just because of the words but because without knowing it my friend had picked out my mother's favorite China pattern but with a modern twist.

Since mom has become so nonresponsive that was especially touching.

Sometimes I wonder if this smile for Emily is the last one we will see.

I love both of these ten and eighty six year old little girls.

Back to today - it was time to go out for lunch and meet a new friend. I was too shy to take pictures of people but unlike the outside of the restaurant which was very drab…

The decorations were anything but boring.

And the food was really good. The sauce could've just been a touch warmer but there were lots of different sauces to choose from which I liked.

I liked that each table came with its own roll of paper towels.

And this was a blast from the past.

After I used the washroom I had to come back to get my camera take pictures of the doors.

And no restaurant experience would be complete without a visit from the Cash Money kangaroo. I don't know why I felt shy about taking his picture since that's kind of the whole point of being in a giant kangaroo suit.

Then it was time to spend some quality iPod/mini iPad quality time with two of my favorite friends. We had fun connecting on Draw Something! Sitting in a row all playing on our own handheld devices but playing together. I know some people think that iPods etc. are isolating but I feel better connected than ever.

Either there had been a facepainting event at school or we were visited by one of the Four Musketeers.

Thanks for everything Pari and Nicole and it was lovely to meet you Laslie!

And thanks to my friend Judy for making yesterday sweeter.

What a fortunate person I truly am.

Emily continues to knock my socks off with her creativity.

She also wrote a book for my Mom tonight!

The lost cat

Once upon a time, there was a little cat named Frosty. One day, Ruth
was going to school with her little sister, Karen. “ You stay her,
Frosty. I will see you later!" The door shut. Then Frosty saw that the
cat door was open. She looked out the window. Ruth and Karen were
already on the next street. No one was home. It was so tempting. She
really wanted to go outside. So she went to the cat door. Once she was
outside, there was a car parked on the street. Frosty was really tired
so she jumped onto the car. She stretched and lay down on a blanket.
Later, when she woke up, she saw that the car was moving. suddenly,
the car stopped. A very pretty lady and a handsome man walked out of
the car.“Robert, hurry! Our reservation is at 3o'clock!" the lady
said. “ I am coming!" the man said. They walked into the restaurant.
Then Frosty heard a growl. Frosty was really hungry. So she followed
them into the restaurant.It smelt good in the restaurant. He kept
following the couple to their table. Once they sat down, Frosty hid
under the table. The man actsadentally drops some food on the floor.
Frosty is hunger so she eats it. Frosty is sad. She misses home.
Frosty decided that she would ride back home with the man and lady.
Maybe they lived Close by! So when the man and lady walked out of the
restaurant, frosty fallowed them.


I'll keep you posted as the story continues.

Frosty was the name of Mom's last cat. Emily says that when she gets to high school she's going to do her volunteer service at nursing homes because she already knows a lot about how to talk to people there. She says you mostly just listen and smile and go with the flow.

I leave you tonight with my favorite picture from cute overload yesterday:

Good night.

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