Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Baby news!

I promised you good news and here she is!

Rebekah was born early this morning to my nephew and his wife in out east. A first grandchild for my sister. We are all so very happy for them.

You won't see as many pictures of her as of nearby Cooper but she will be just as loved.

My other good news is that my doctor got hold of the technical report from the two week heart monitor loop test I had in January and it didn't show any abnormal rhythm. So that's really good. The test has not been read by a cardiologist yet so I may know a bit more after that but the cardiologist says there's no reason I can't have surgery.


Today I was feeling a bit sorry for myself that I can't walk for exercise but then I got a grip, literally, and picked up my high tech spaghetti sauce hand weights and a cat toy and Harrison and I had a shake up.

I leave you with a few of my favorite pictures I've ever taken in a grocery store parking lot.

Love you Ava!

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