Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I scream you scream we all scream for i pads

Fun evening with friends tonight. I have a group of good friends from way back in high school that I love to get together with but it is SUCH a hard time finding a date that suits everyone so Sunday night I decided to email the birthday girl and one other friend to see if we could hammer out a date. It was a birthday miracle! Two days later and we're going out!

As I waited for my ride I wondered who our visitors had been since Harrison and I were not outside today.

The birthday girl, Donna, picked me up and we stopped for a bit and watched the wild turkeys head back to their roost for the night.

They were walking very slowly and looked tired. Who knows where they were today and what mayhem ensued. I hear that they've been bullying some people as they get out of cars. These are not fearful creatures.

We soon arrived at the restaurant...

And commenced a tech party. Donna...

just got an iPad and I tried to no avail to help her.


wasn't that much more help although she did tell me that I have a panoramic option on my camera that I didn't know about!

But Judy's lovely daughter Nicole got us all sorted out and even let us share her Wi-Fi.

We got our texting and FaceTime options synced and now will probably promptly forget how to do everything. Because we're very very old, well except Judy of course.

The nice thing is that Donna has her birthday in February so we're never as old as she is.

Happy birthday sweet friend. (Picture above by Judy.)

Today I told Emily about a new app that I haven't tried yet called Frame artist+ and she promptly came up with this:

That's her in the red top. So nice to have the young amongst us to teach us the ways of the handheld devices.

Good night

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