Friday, 12 July 2013

Can she bake a cherry pie?

Not a very long walk today but that's okay Harry got out a little.

I'm trying to convince him that the end of the sidewalk is where we turn around. Does this face look convinced?

Actually he was pretty co operative and we were soon paying homage to the deceased cedar tree again.

We met our little friend Kiwi at ye olde grate. It's a happening place.

At some point during our walk I put this on my head in an attempt to stay cool and didn't realize it till I took my camera off at home.

Really have to put a hat or scarf in my pocket!

Yesterday I made an awesome cherry pie. Made it the same way you make any sour cherry pie but I melted a bar of cream cheese in the filling while it was hot. I'm always thinking!

How to call in to your nurse at Grand River Hospital:

Call the central cancer centre line and listen to a message. Press 2 and wait. Listen to a recorded voice tell you that you need to wait. Listen to that 5 more times. I understood that after one pass and really when it comes down to it, without being told at all.

Talk to a human who will think you are a man. Be sure to have your MRN number available. This does NOT apparently mean the person will have access to any of your information, you'll have to give that at the end of your grilling.

State your reason for calling. Be ready to go into great depth. Don't try to simply say "I want to talk to my nurse Jean please."

You must go into great depth regarding the reason for the call including what kind of cancer you have and where said cancer is located. Be ready for the surprise about your answer. Whether that is real or imagined it's always a fun thing to tell a stranger.

Describe your level of pain and lots and lots of other questions including are you having shortness of breath and nausea and what you had for lunch. Okay not the last one but you get the drift.

Feel humiliated and close to tears by the time you're at the end of the call.

The good news is that your nurse will actually get your message and return the call at some point. Jean is awesome and well worth the wait. I like her very very much. I just have a very very hard time with the grilling to get to her.

How to call your nurse in Hamilton:

Dial the direct number and tell the person that answers the phone "I would like to talk to Heidi please." Either talk to Heidi right away or she will call in a bit.

Look I get that they're trying to save the nurses some time by taking down the symptoms but I just really really hate it. Also maybe some people prefer to talk to a real person than a machine but give me a machine any day of the week!

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