Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Of worms and rampant USB's and the end of formal physio

Tonight while I'm cooking supper the phone rings:

Me: Hello. Pause. Hello. Pause. Hello.

(Pausing is never a good indicator)

Man: Hello is this Mr Martin?

Me: Sure. (I'm used to people thinking I'm a man on the phone.)

Him: Mr Martin I am calling from Blah Blah Blah USB computer company. Are you aware that our data banks show that your USB deconfabulator is USBdeconfabulating and affecting all the USB deconfabulators in your area?

Me: I am aware sir, that you are a fraud.


The only thing I wish is that I'd added a plumby Paul Harvey: Good daay!

I really have no idea what he was saying but it wasn't because it was correct jargon. He just kept using USB all the time. I wonder if they sit there and try to come up with the silliest things possible to say?

Wait wait listen to this one! I'm going to use USB (Harmless little serial plug-in buses that they are) in as many different ways as possible including a verb and still get them to turn over control of their computer to me!

Clearly Harry has learned no kind of lesson. Still happily attempting to stick his head down chippy holes.

Today as well as amicably ending physio (Just didn't make sense to sit at home waiting for her when I wanted to be out walking) I did this:

My goal is to be able to walk to the store by the end of summer at the latest. I got this far today.

The store is still this far away:

It's actually farther than it looks in that picture. But it's closer when you use the zoom lens:

I found some long grass to take pictures of. I have been missing it on my porch.

Water colour filter effect without trying. Oops:

Bird wing?

Harry's favorite Cedar tree being taken away. RIP little stinky tree.

Speaking of Harry today he deigned to take a little stroll about the yard in front of our apartment.

His sore looks good, but you'll see an empty fur patch for a while.

I sat under this tree for a long time waiting for Harrison to move so I took a lot of pictures of up.

I was trying to get pictures of the beautiful blue prisms that the sun was creating between the leaves.

Probably not the smartest thing to do since it meant pointing my camera at the sun. Not smart for your camera or your eyes but apparently you're a little safer doing it with a DSLR then a point and shoot digital camera. Still - don't do it.

Even if you do eventually catch one of the blue prisms...

cause you might be sitting directly under what I can only assume are a whole bunch of worms.

I only took the picture because I liked the four leaves making a square. My skin is still crawling.



  1. Maybe you could point your camera at the sun if it had a USB stick on it?
    You sure do take good close up pics!

  2. I like ML's comment and seeing that you re-used a few pics I sent you

  3. Maybe the 7 port USB extender that we added on Saturday is over loading the the neighborhood USB usage