Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Who's training whom

Not much to say about today except wow it's hot. Harry was the only one who stepped outside today but I wouldn't let him stay out long.

So we did lots of playing inside today. Harry trained me how to fetch his toys. Hey it's good exercise for me and he seems to be recalling how to fetch - a skill he had a few years ago. Right now it's about 60% me fetching.

The training breaks down as he really doesn't want more than one or two treats so I think verbal excitement and a head noogie might be the best reward. I'm still going to use the clicker though because eventually I want to use the "come" command outside too.

As I get stronger I can walk back to him pick him up and bring him back to the rollator when he doesn't co operate. I want to reserve this stuff outside for when I'm serious. He will always be allowed to meander and sit and think cause he is after all, a cat.

I think he eats less when I play with him more.

I was still feeling energetic, and sadly my bike is definitely not for my sores right now (hamilton appoint next thursday) ((In fact wouldn't it be lovely if the whole thing was just a getting acquainted misunderstanding with the bike and post radiation skin?)) so I went down to the common room and used some of the machines there. Never did figure out how to turn on the treadmill but I used the other two.

That room is supposed to be air conditioned but woohee it could use a boost!

Hey guess who's on her way here from out east!?

Can't wait to meet her!


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