Thursday, 11 July 2013

Flowers and Water Fun and some unfun

Today's walk is brought to you by The Wiggles big red car:

Who knew that there was a college right across the street from me?

I'm not even really sure who felt the need to water the lawn after all the rain we have been getting but I wished they had pointed it over the sidewalk so that I could get some. Maybe the kids just ran in for a popsicle or something. I'm going to have to start bringing water and sun block and a hat!

More pictures from yesterday:

More to come! Fun new free app called Over:

Unpleasantness to follow please feel free to stop. Really.

Speaking of rain in your life the reason I started this blog was not to share my walks and pictures of flowers. It was my way of dealing with cancer and my knee surgeries. Writing is how I deal.

For three weeks now I've tried really hard not to need to write about the fact that I am having a cancer scare at this moment.

Maybe it will turn out to be nothing, but whatever it is it's scaring me very badly and bringing back some not so great memories. Also it hurts and is not responding to antibiotics. (That could be because I was on them so much around my knee surgery though.)

I was so relieved when the sore initially turned into an ulcer but apparently ulcers can be cancer too.

Today I called the cancer center at Grand River and asked for an appointment. It was really hard to decide whether to call them or Hamilton. I don't really trust this doctor and she doesn't do biopsies but she is just so much closer. I will see her on Wednesday.

It was also hard to decide whether or not to tell anyone. Probably kinder to not tell people unless it turns out to be something serious and I can't help it. But after three weeks I am unable to do that any longer. Also I will need rides, so many rides, if it is cancer. I am all set for this next appointment though.

I won't tell the kids until and unless they need to know. I sent them this blog post before I wrote this.

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