Monday, 1 July 2013

Poker face

Today I got out on my walk later than I'd planned cause I was finishing an article and I probably should've just left my camera at home because I wasn't home in time for my ride to the long weekend Monday night poker game so Jim had to come back and get me. But we got back with 5 minutes to spare and away we went!

Graycee and Ava both have excellent poker faces!

Ava had spent two days at the beach so she was pretty tired. She gave her chips to Henry who had been out first. He stayed in a long time with only a few chips but knew that even if he won he would have an Asterix beside his name.

After it got dark there were a whole lot of fireworks (some non-poker related) some of them very very close by. Sounded like one of them hit the side of a house a little.

We had a lot of Jims (two 3's) tonight but they were never really lucky.

Jim on the other hand was lucky or skilled as the case may be and won the night.

We tried out a new thing called a time limit! At 10 o'clock everyone is all in. This means there could be two winners. The chip leader and the person that wins the all in hand. In this case Jim won on both counts. Todd had a good idea that we should start a family poker blog so we have easy access to past wins etc and engage in jovial or non jovial smack talk. Too tired to set that up tonight.

Here are the pictures that I probably shouldn't have been taking today:

Finally a new color of rose!

Cropping decision quandary:

& Hairstyles from Ava:

Funnies from Emily:

ps Harry's chippy wound is healing nicely. Jim and Ava brought me some dirt to fill in the holes.

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