Thursday, 18 July 2013

Cat day afternoon

Well. Went out only to take the garbage out, have a blood test and lunch with a good friend.

Took two pictures of my porch flowers in case you were going through flower withdrawal :)

Not a whole lot of training going on today. A bit of playing...

Some nail trimming...

and a whole lot of napping.

Actually summer cuddles long enough to sleep are rare so I enjoyed it.

Actually had the attention span to write an article today so that felt really good!

Guess what!? The rebel is going whale watching in Quebec next week with my friends Jo and Jacob! Very excited for it.

Here it is sitting by the door waiting:

And here they are ready to go!

Yay have a great time you three!

Here's my nephew doggie Dexter keeping it real in Toronto!

And here are two of my beautiful nieces enjoying the temperate weather in Charlottetown. Happy birthday Deborah. She says she's not sure her birthday counts since she is out of province!


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