Friday, 5 July 2013

Squirrel AA

Quiet day. Watched some mindless TV. So mindless in fact that I'm going to have to stop watching one of the shows.

Only walked around my building once, gearing up for the gym tomorrow. Hoping there are no Mosquitos in the gym. Not sure why Siri wants to capitalize mosquito.

The squirrels seem to be more active during and after rain. This little guy ran just ahead of me for quite a while.

When I stopped to do my physio at the bottom of the building (I'm less visible to the neighbors there) he stopped too and seemed to be looking for someone.

Ah there you are! Wanna play?

Well time to go to the meeting. See you later!

Hi my name is Bob. I'm obsessed with teasing cats.

Cat!? Where where!

Gotta go!


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