Wednesday, 24 July 2013


My friend Judy picked me up in her Giftopia truck today. Only it's the Eventastic truck now!

Who knew those are stickers that you can just take off? Judy and her husband Randy are starting up a new business that helps people set up events. It's very cool. Check it out!

After I finish with the wedding articles there's a chance I might get to do some writing for this business too.

This is the only picture I took at lunch but it says it all!

After I did my round the building on my own Harrison I had the best walk we've had in months.

The weather was perfect even a bit cold! And no bugs so I could let Harrison go at his own pace and exactly as far as he wanted to. The sun was hot enough that I had to wear my scarf.

There's a new little tree where Harrison's favorite cedar used to be.

And he got in some good squirrel TV.

And grate sitting.

This happy walk led to some decent indoor playing as well.

Nothing too energetic though.

Hamilton bright and early tomorrow morning.


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