Thursday, 4 July 2013

Two days today

Yesterday we had a change of plans but we still had a great day.

Emily brought her twin friends...

and Caleb brought his new glasses!

We think he looks older and he orders from the adult menu so we were surprised that he was given a kiddy water glass!

They changed it up for the refill.

It will be interesting to see Caleb and Melissa beside each other with their new glasses.

There was some weird weather. Blue sky and pouring rain

Time for swimming! I bought Caleb and Emily a scuba set for their good report cards. I should have bought Harrison this for the chippies.

This was the route for tonight's walk.

As I can walk further and further I'm reminded that what I'm actually on disability for is my arms and shoulders and hands. More and more it's leaning on the rollator that hurts more. Thank goodness for Siri to write this blog, my fingers are cooked. While I still need the rollator to bring along for resting (I have a better gait with it than with a cane) I'm trying to give my wrists a break and stand up straight. It's such a joy to have gone ALL out at the pool yesterday for 50 minutes and not be toast today. We won't talk about how I felt last night :)

It was after 6pm so the light was tricky today.

It was easy to accidentally Monet.

When I see a sign like this it makes me want to go down the hill.

So I did.

I did obey the teeny tiny sign at the bottom.

Chippy 1

Hole closers 0

No need to look for for tonight's funnies. Henry was showing Caleb and Emily how to Photoshop.

Or maybe I should've said tonight's scaries!

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