Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Google reader we hardly knew ye

I am not a huge fan of Google plus. The circles are great but haven't over taken Facebook and I just don't feel like learning more. My problem with google plus now is that google went and shut down google reader and rightly or wrongly I blame google plus.

I thought I was well above needing google reader so I blithly internally scoffed at everyone that was panicking about the July 1 cut off date. Turns out unbeknownst to me my Feedler blog organizing app was using google reader, and yes there was some pop up blurb that said something about the change over but again, didn't feel it applied to me. Oops. I am now handcuffed into signing up for some replacement - We interrupt this long drawnout complaint to report that I have finally got my Feedler back up and running.

However it took so long that I no longer have the ability or will to blog. Will report back tomorrow!

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