Sunday, 25 January 2015

Cooper and Graycee's snowman

Had a great day yesterday. A fun birthday lunch with my friend who as you can see totally enjoys having her picture taken.

She was a good sport even though she didn't give me her leftover #422B. Come on what good is having cancer if you can't guilt people into giving you their leftovers? Sheesh!

But it's ok. I had this!

The day just kept on being fun as I headed over to Cooper's house.

Graycee always greets me with big bark that turns into a kiss.

Ozzie isn't effusive.

But he sure is beautiful.

Cooper is all about snowmen. Thankfully they were premade because it was not packing snow.

Here comes Graycee who feels strongly that snowmen faces are there to provide her with snacks.

What? I'm not doing anything. Never mind that the snowman loses his face every time I go outside. It's probably the birds.

No idea where that nose went!

Sadly the eye carrot was too deeply embedded.

Hmm maybe the hat is edible.

Sliding is serious stuff.

But Grandpa finds the smiles.

There must be a way to get that eye.

I promise he was having a good time!

And the snowman never did lose his eye because someone was here:

Stay tuned for our cookie making adventure.

I was excited today when I finally had a taker for the peanuts that have been falling out of someone's pocket.

If you get bored of squirrel pictures have fun watching their shadows. I think most of them are Batman.

Tractor shadow?

Look what Annette brought over tonight! Get the theme song from Jaws going in your head...

I love it!


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