Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Here we go again

So this picture was not easy to make yesterday.

But the letters were there wanting to have their pictures taken so I did.

Since last Thursday I had been waiting to hear about a biopsy and it wasn't easy to force myself to head outside. One day I only took three pictures and another I didn't take any but I still went out. That was a hard week.

Today I heard from the doctor and she confirmed that the cancer has returned.

Knowing is better than not knowing, and although I really already knew, now it is official.

Now there will be a plan. It's harder to fight a shadow.

I have an appointment for this Friday in Hamilton to meet with my surgeon. We'll see what she says.

So yeah, it's time to pull out the pirate props again.

Although thanks to this meme...

...this bout of cancer fighting pirates will be heavily subsidized by sharks.

Annette is looking into crocheted shark hats (I'm visualizing a pink glittery eye patch attached somehow) and Emily has plans for a cat shark suit for Harrison.

I'm sure there will be a class assignment like last time's happy vulvectomy cards but we can figure that out as we go along. Perhaps we can pool all our unused narcotics for post surgery brownies or something.

I don't want you to worry about what to say. Just come along for the ride.

Caleb had a good check up at the ortho clinic today and will only have to wear a cast for a few more weeks.

The new cast wasn't a blank canvas for long.

Rib night!

Matt was much cooler than Karen after his strike!

Fun to head to Costco after.

And Henry is in Florida with his new camera so we can expect lots of beautiful pictures like this:

Not sure where this peanut came from, it may or may not have fallen out of my pocket today.

You know it's a warm spell when Harry moves off his own porch onto the next-door neighbour's.


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  1. J-d-Y Jesus what are you doing-Why - or is it J-o-y (a bit sarcasticly)