Friday, 23 January 2015

It's a plan Stan

Emily and I came up with this:

You should probably get used to me doing a lot more art again, it's how I deal.

I'm too tired to do much more than cut and paste what I wrote on Facebook.

My visit to my surgeon/oncologist went as well as it could have. She is willing to do one more "conservative" surgery ie just remove the lump. Probably in March. It still won't be easy, think sitting on a blender and radiated skin is easily insulted and holds grudges so we will need to gear up into full pirate shark mode and we'll get through this. I don't think they will do radiation again.

Anne picked me up at 6:30. Did You know it's dark then?

It was light by the time we went back down the mountain.

Anne hit the grandmother lode of cards.

And I enjoyed these flowers very much.

Should've bought some.

Harry and I tried to nap and enjoyed rumba shark cat. Thanks Cheryl.


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