Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Niagara Falls part two

When last we left Niagara Falls Rebekah continued to be adorable.

And Cooper found new ways to go down the blue slide.

However sliding down the steps just wasn't working for him.

Deborah and T.J. took a break from their jet setting travels to join us for the day!

Emma did some good relaxing.

I believe we got our moneys worth!

Not surprisingly Caleb was tall enough to go on all the rides but his broken wrist prohibited him.

I thought this quick view from the van would be the only glimpse of the falls I would see.

But Karen and Mike found a way to get us nice and close and I'm glad that in the end I got out of the van!

I wasn't even using any zoom here. You are freakishly close to the river.

Well not this close:

I must be getting old. I am fascinated by the history of these places. I would especially like to learn about this fence. I just love it.

Say what you will about it being a tourist trap you can't really help but be awed by it when you are up close and personal.


Tomorrow, January 14 is national dress up your pet day.

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