Wednesday, 7 January 2015

International football at its finest

When we left off yesterday a soccer game was about to breakout.

Post game interview.

You may remember these two pictures.

Without hat:

With hat:

Saying good bye and possibly also some football trash talking.

The goodbyes don't get easier but the time with our far aways is so sweet. The Scottish visa people need to get their act together so we can see Lizzy again soon. But we are looking forward to Rebekah and family coming very soon!

Ava was really keeping Cooper entertained.

Engagement pictures?

Off to see the animals.

The luxury of time to knit and chat with some of my favorite women ever.

Back to our current reality.

I'm not having a great deal of success making bubbles. It's easier in the summer but on the plus side if a bubble does land and stay it really stays.

I thought maybe I'd try making bigger bubbles.

It didn't work at all but it was fun trying.


I would say all of these kids could use some geriatric education:

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