Thursday, 8 January 2015

In the wind

I don't seem to be getting over this cough but I'm not sneezing anymore and I had enough energy to get around the small building to the right of mine. Though the cold and the snow had a lot to do with pulling me outside. Not to mention the sun.

Natural lie detector test:

Today the bigger bubbles lived.

However they insisted on flying.

I didn't get a really great shot of it but the bubbles froze in mid air and exploded, raining down like ash from a campfire.

It was really cool and I want to keep trying.

Instead of complaining about my cough maybe Harry could come outside and blow the bubbles for me so I'd have more time to focus but I think it'll have to warm up a degree or two before he'll set a paw out there :-) He's more sensible than I am.


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