Monday, 12 January 2015

Niagara Falls part 1

We had a really fun day in Niagara Falls yesterday.

Our destination was a water park on top of one of the casino parking garages.

Quite a temperature change.

Look who we found!

Look who we found part two! We weren't expecting to see Emma and her family just a really happy coincidence! It was her dad who had given Caleb the calving gloves so he could swim.

Favorite face ever:

Checking out the snack bag for baseball.

Look who we found part three!

Emma and Emily can dance even in the water!

I think my good camera and I were getting as wet as the girls from the side of the pool. The slides are overhead and inspire a lot of confidence in that they leak a lot especially as someone goes through them over your head.

Overall as water parks go I really prefer Bingamans but it certainly isn't year round and this is a great place for people who like being warm. Really really warm.

But it was an even better place to get together with very special people. Luke and Jennifer had planned this trip before Mary Lynn died in November and we are really glad that they did. Distance is hard. But Mary Lynn taught us that it is not an insurmountable block to being close. It just makes it all that much more special when we do see each other.


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