Thursday, 22 January 2015

Instant shark support

Tomorrow I head to Hamilton at early o'clock to find out what the plan is. I feel fortunate to have gotten an appointment so soon.

In keeping with this cancer fight's shark theme Emily is going to make a shark costume like this for Harrison.

It'll need a slighter larger belt :-)

And within 8 hours of me asking my niece Annette had crocheted this hat!

So amazing!

Here's Harry deciding if he wants to go outside today.

Turns out the answer was no.

Peanuts keep falling out of my pocket out there and disappearing. We're not supposed to feed the animals so it must be magic.

I don't see them disappear. I haven't earned that kind of trust yet. Fun to try.

A few more pictures from Henry.


Let's see if Harry gives me this send off tomorrow.

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