Saturday, 10 January 2015

Sweet dreams

Today a good friend sent me a link about fun outside in the frozen tundra. Stay tuned for attempts at hurling hot water into the air but today the main thing I learned was to add some corn syrup to the bubbles to strengthen them. Worked like a charm!


Thanks Wendy. And thanks for the cookie cutters Mary.

You're supposed to use light syrup but I didn't have any. Which is a good thing because now I'm thinking about using food coloring as well.

Today we say farewell to my iPod touch who bit the dirt this morning. Totally nonresponsive. It was pretty much backed up and the main thing I was worried about was being able to blog on my iPad now but it is working very well. I use a blogging app that has not been supported for over three years and I have found nothing that works as well so I was relieved to be able to transfer it from my computer onto my iPad. It actually works faster, probably because my iPad does not have 19,000 photos on it.

Yet :-)

You should probably be prepared that I will use voice recognition to type even more now so that should result in even more typos, lack of commas and hilarious misunderstandings. Good times.

The only pictures I didn't have backed up are of Graycee, Cooper's dog. She was here today with grandpa Henry. Harrison was not impressed. This picture is blurry but I think you get the idea.

If Harrison had skirts they would've been drawn. He's not afraid, like with non cat-fearing Max, just insulted.

Got to get up early tomorrow morning you'll see why!


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