Thursday, 29 January 2015

Surgery date and Lizzy is one

So I got my surgery date today. They were able to fit me in before March for which I am grateful. It will be Friday February 20th at 3:30. It's good not to have to wait months and months to have knee surgery first to take out an infected knee like I did last time.

Ok on to more fun stuff. So besides laundry and waving peacock feathers for Harrison I spent a lot of today gathering pictures for Lizzy's first year movie but for now here are a few cute birthday pictures. And guess what? Lizzy and family are coming to visit in April so I'm hoping we can do another birthday celebration then!

And check out the awesome collage Heather made.

Alfie has been a faithful companion to Lizzy's cuteness. And Heather has been terrific at keeping us in lots of pictures from Scotland.

Supposed to be really cold again tomorrow looking forward to trying more bubbles.


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