Friday, 22 August 2014

A Laundry miracle

Nice quiet day. Best thing that happened besides finally playing cards with my friends here again was that some laundry fairies showed up!

Turns our they read my blog last night and showed up to whisk the dirty laundry away. Amazing. Just hoping the laundry fairie's wife doesn't end up with the whole job :)

Seriously, I have the best family!

Harrison employed the bunny defence of sitting very very still on my lap while Max zoomed around the place.

Be vewy vewy quiet.

It actually worked for a while till Max finally saw him and started woofing.

It is a testament to Harrison's commitment to nonviolence that I do not have any scratches.

He wasn't very relaxed for a while though.

I love that Max is an all out non cat fearing dog. Clearly he's never been schooled by a cat with claws or attitude because he's just all like - hey wanna let me chase you little buddy? We could see if your head fits in my mouth or something. Come on dude let's go! (Not sure why Max speaks surfer since he is of European Mountain dog descent)

Harrison and Whiskers don't know how to deal with all that cheerful irreverence.

Anyway after pointedly supervising the washing of the dog drool off of his water bowls Harry's a lot more relaxed now.

I thought I heard a blue jay today but it was Harrison being scolded by this guy.

The impossibly vibrant rose bush is going again. Apparently roses like humid weather better than I do.

You could pay a million dollars for a person to make something this beautiful and it's outside unguarded and free:


Only a boy:

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