Friday, 22 August 2014

Oh it's far far too late for a title

Well that was fun! The movie for the Calgary reception is in the can. Well more like in the cloud. A conservative estimate of the wedding and pei related pictures I took is 77 gig. The movie is 180 meg so that's a pretty wide swath left behind :) I'm thankful too for the pictures that others were generous enough to let me use to fill in the gaps.

Less time rather than more was a good thing except I really do have to do laundry soon.

Happy birthday Brent. Hope someone throws you (and Joannie) a big party on Saturday.

Emily did the sand and seaweed art at Basin head beach that I used for the titles, pretty cool huh? That's your sneak peek. After the reception I'll try to figure out a way to share the slideshows with you guys too. It's almost impossible now since most sharing sites can recognize copyrighted music. Even though I buy the songs I don't have the right to share them. We'll see. I could always show you the pictures and tell you what to hum in the background :)

Harry did most of his porch sitting alone today. I was happy to be inside out of the bugs and ragweed though I did enjoy one particular busy bug.

A few roses are trying to make a comeback.

This one was holding onto some tears from yesterday.

There's an Elvis song in there somewhere.

My friend Annie tried out her new camera on our purple flowers. Only fair since I am always taking pictures of the Cardinals in her yard.

She's got some Blue Jays too that I want to nab.


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