Monday, 18 August 2014

Wedding pictures sorting

I am at the point in making the Calgary wedding reception slideshow for Broannie where I question why I take so darn many pictures.

But truly I regret none of them. Someday I will be at the point where I know what I'm doing and I will get the picture I want in one or two tries but I'm not there yet by a long shot, pun intended.

I also don't regret that I only have two weeks to get this video done. It's a lemonades ha - It eliminates the whole two year procrastination thing that I had going with the last one and that is very refreshing.

Here are a few pictures from today's sorting.



He cleans up real nice.

I had the privilege of being the official 'guys getting ready' photographer!

The cufflinks were awesome!

Pillow fight!

Besides making the cupcakes Melissa was the official hairdresser of our day and did a great job as Jim's stylist.

High five for me :)

Caleb was all about their cool rental car.


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