Friday, 15 August 2014

Evening boat rides and peeping toms

On the evening of the second day on pei we went out for a boat ride. Those are the only pictures I didn't get home from my big camera but I think the little water camera held it's own nicely.

You can come along for a 57 second ride if you click here.

Yesterday was cool enough that Harry and I could go out for an evening walk and stay out till it was pitch dark with zero bugs at twilight.

Harry was so happy that he actually scampered sometimes. Scamper is a funny word but nothing else really describes it.

He's a cat so he feels safer outside in the dark but it's pretty boring for my camera and I just can't encourage his tendency to park himself in front of people's windows and peep in from the dark so today we took our second walk a bit earlier.

Did I do that?

Earlier this afternoon:

Check out my nephew Erik in the group on the bottom right. He's the one in the Gene Simmons ponytail. I'm sure it's called something much cooler than a ponytail but...

I think his group is the best of the bunch!


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