Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Happy to report that ML had a great check up yesterday. Her numbers stayed good despite her busy couple of weeks. Sounds like Jim's stem cells have been working slowly but steadily and are only 10% away from eradicating the leukemia.

Also another routine test that I had came back perfectly normal so that's cool.

Sorting through pictures for the Calgary reception slideshow so not much to show here tonight from the trip.

Big happy birthdays to Caleb who is turning 14, my friend Judy who is turning 29 and Harrison's little brother Elias who is turning 5. That means Harrison turned 7 sometime in July. I've informed him he's not allowed to get any older. He just ignores me and continues sniffing pine trees.

Not a lot of motivation to walk around the backside of the building as far as roses go and there are usually more bugs back there but today was nice and cold and windy. Sorry if you haven't had enough summer weather but I love fall although this weather is forcing us to swim indoors tomorrow when we'd like to be at Bingamans.


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