Monday, 4 August 2014

A title escapes

I spent the day sorting photos from the wedding ceremony and reception. The ceremony ones are on Facebook if you want to see them. Just go to my wall and scroll down.

Lots of boating and eating and games continue to happen. Tomorrow we are excited to visit at Jennifer and Lukes's new home and we're celebrating Anne's birthday by going on a 3 hr tour on a boat that can hold 30 people. Cue the Gilligans Island music in your head. I may snap one or two photos. Haven't decided yet :)

Some of my favorite pictures of the day came from the cousin tour of Charlottetown.

I dunno, I think TJ had better light than Deborah.

Henry got some great pictures of Coop down by the river.

Karen made sushi!

And what an awesome privilege to spend so much time with Cooper who is having a good time despite pushing though a molar.

I wanted to show you Melissa's picture of the beach yesterday. They were jumping in off the sides. Really cool.

And some more pictures of Cooper from Saturday.

His expressions change so fast!

Getting his hair gel on.

Helping Grandpa out too.


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