Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Farm day

Spent a fun day with a bunch of cousins and a hungry Chippie. He was main-lining bird seed at a terrific rate.

The colour difference between my two lenses is interesting though I'm not 100% sure it's the same Chippie. I do know I didn't change the settings.

Fingers crossed that I didn't get any glitter in my camera while I changed the lenses back and forth. I haven't done any laundry since I've been home so I wore a tshirt from the bottom of the clean pile that was there for a reason. It is currently residing in the garbage because it could not hang on to its glitter. I hate glitter at the best of times but when it's on a mission to infect the world it has to go. This is the second and hopefully last glitter wardrobe malfunction I have experienced in my lifetime. At least this time I didn't break out in hives.

Always sad when Annette has to leave for work.

It's nice to see Emily without her cast sometimes now.

Mom used to call these flowers stylish Henry but in Pennsylvania Dutch.

This is called the screen window because mosquitoes are eating me alive filter:

Some corn hair styling went on:

Cooper arrived bringing lots of high fives.

Caleb got to drive again.

I think the scarecrow was so surprised that he lost his pants

There's a meme in there somewhere. Looks like the lady scarecrow might be holding a tape measure. And that's all I'm going to say.

Harry has a new iPad game called Jitterbug. He loves it.

Mostly he lays on it and the bugs come to him.

When this screen of choices came up I was going to take a picture of it and make a joke about how I don't think Harry could work it.

Then as you can see he deftly hit Start with one try.

And resumed the fun.

He's a little scary sometimes.


Usually I have two or three of these little jokes but I think this one deserves it's own space:

Whoever did this – I salute you!

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